From: Turkey

Birthday: 31.03.1986

Current Obsession: Amazon Kindle

Favorite Color: Pink

Hate: Breaking in new shoes



  1. Cello said

    I love your blog, Manga rocks too! I have an asian movie blog, from time to time I review anime, swing by if you are ever bored 🙂

  2. Nazomi said

    Hi, my name is nazomi. What is your real name. I’m from Malaysia.

    • nazomi said

      that’s amazing!
      my real name is nazli:)

  3. mavi_61 said

    Türksün ha
    geç gördüm xD
    Asya kültürüyle bende çok ilgiliyimde
    Ruiyi araştırırken buldum seni xD

  4. ğafür said

    salam nazlı kız-ben ıranden ve senın saytıne geldım
    hi nazomi.i’m iranian turkmen and i find your site actually. why you didnt write in turkish language.in my country(iran) we write by persian language but i want learn turkish and tajik and turkmen writing

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