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After A While

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything. After discovering Tumblr and reblogging anything pink or cute or flowery, I realized that maybe it was time I wrote in this blog as well.

Earlier today, I was at the last class of a beginner’s photography workshop. Even though our teacher was a bit on the cranky side, which I think is because of his age and the quality of the questions posed by the students, I realize now that I am a bit sad that it ended. I learned quite a bit, especially since he repeated the same thing each lesson. At least I learned how to use my new Nikon D7000, which I bought in Hong Kong for a quarter of the price here. That makes it even more valuable that it already is.

Photography is a fascinating art, though a bit on the complicated side. You have to remember lots and lots of variables, and the camera itself might take months to discover. It also offers endless choices and opportunities. There are tons of stuff to buy, and each with a huge range of prices and qualities. It must be a real challenge to stay on top of it all. You need to have the equipment, but that isn’t enough. You can have all the equipment in the world, but you still need vision. And that isn’t really enough either. You have to catch the moment. You need to be somewhere at least a bit interesting. As I was saying, you need all these variables, and they all have to be in the right place to take one good photo.

We looked at the pictures of many masters, but the one the teacher kept returning to was Steve McCurry. He’s the world famous photographer who took the Afghan Girl. I find that picture a bit on the overrated side, but alas, here it is.

He has many more, that are a lot of the times more interesting. I now leave you with his website. I believe he had it all: the vision, the equipment, and the chance to see it all.

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