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You’re Both Beautiful and Amazing

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I don’t want to lie and say that I didn’t have any time, because let’s face it, time is something I can definitely be sparing, but I just didn’t do anything worth writing about. (I mean book/drama/movie/manga wise, of course) But lately I’ve been back to life, and I finished watching the drama You’re Beautiful.

For those of you who are living an the moon, this drama aired last year in Korea. It’s plot is very original (!), for a Korean drama at least: a girl, Go Mi Nyu, who is about to become a nun, disguises herself as her twin brother, Go Mi Nam, to join a band, called A.N.Jell: consisting of Jeremy, a semi-stupid, fun guy; Shin Woo, a gentle, composed guy; and Tae Kyung, the arrogant, sexy main guy. They live together in this amazing house where Go Mi Nyu causes all kinds of trouble, especially to Tae Kyung. Things get even more complicated when the idol Yoo He Yi, who has a thing for Tae Kyung, learns about this secret and uses it to her advantage. On the sideline, the reason Go Mi Nam wanted to become an idol in the first place was to find their mother, who had left them when they were a baby. Since Korea is small, could it be that Tae Kyung’s mother had something to do with it?!

I really like this drama. The soundtrack is amazing, and I really wanted to attend an A.N.Jell concert. Jan Geun Suk, who plays Tae Kyung, at the beginning, is annoying as hell, but gets milder by the minute, and by the end you don’t even notice how mediocre and actor he is. Right now, the fact that he’s got full make up on doesn’t bother me at all, and I’ve become a fan. Park Shin Hye, who plays Go Mi Nyu, is also good, but Korean actresses usually are. Jun Yong Hwa, who plays Shin Woo, can also be awkward at times, but I’ll cut him some slack since Shin Woo goes through some really difficult times and it’s his first role. I have nothing to say about Lee Hong Ki, who plays Jeremy, since I don’t want to get started on his blond hair.

Another point I want to mention is the hugging scenes. This is actually fairly common in Korean dramas. I was watching Boys Over Flowers the other day and I noticed the same thing. When a boy hugs a girl, he basically pushes her into himself like.. I don’t know what. I haven’t been hugged by many boys, but I’m fairly sure if someone did that to me, I would be pretty mad. And don’t even get me started on the kissing scenes. I am fairly certain that there’s a reason they lack the actual kissing and only involve touching the lips by slanting your head. Oh well. That’s Asian dramas for you.

I don’t like when dramas put ultra silly stuff in, or emphasize how poor the family is etc. This one played on some dangerous ground with Manager Ma and Coordinator Wang and their conversations, but for some reason that didn’t bother me. They were quite fun and cute. Even the stupid aunt didn’t bother me. I think I’m getting more good natured:) Also the thing with Go Mi Nyu’s father and Tae Kyung’s mother doesn’t drag on for 200 episodes, and gets resolved fairly soon, without boring us to death, which is a real plus.

My favorite scene is when Tae Kyung is chased by a pig in the rural village they go to. It’s so funny I laughed out loud. He’s listening to music from his nice MP3 player and dancing to himself in the fields and he sees some old dude waving his arms at him. He thinks: “Wow, is it because this is a rural place that people greet people they don’t know?” and he waves back. But actually a pig is nearby and that guy is telling him to run. His expression is priceless as he runs away. I think it’s the best piece of acting he does, maybe with the exception of his crying. I mean, I’m not saying he deserves an Oscar for acting but that guy sure can cry. After he runs away from the pig, he gets lost and then Go Mi Nyu finds him and goes: “It’s okay, they took the pig home.” Hillarious. I just had to mention that.

In a nutshell, I cannot recommend this drama enough! You should just ignore the fact that you can tell what will happen in the next scene and go along with the nice soundtrack and good natured conversation.

Update: I was just on my way to the airport, listening to You’re Beautiful Soundtrack, and I realized that I haven’t commented on Tae Kyung’s wardrobe. I haven’t been this impressed since Matsumoto Jun’s in Hana Yori Dango. Actually, Domyoji and Tae Kyung are very similar characters, which is called tsundere. It basically means a mean character who changes when he falls in love. Just like Domyoji and Tae Kyung. It’s actually pretty common in the Asian pop culture, but maybe I’ll talk about it later. But now, I just want to say Tae Kyung’s wardrobe is.. well, I wish I had a picture of all the clothes he takes, so I could frame them and hang them in my room. I am no fashion wonder, though I do tend to look okay at times, but come on. You may be a teen idol, but sometimes you shouldn’t wear things that show your chest. Or shirts that make you look even more girly. Or fur. I do believe Domyoji was worse with his white fur jacket, but Tae Kyung comes a very close second. I’ve ignored his nice eye make up through the drama, but some of the outfits are too hard to pretend not to notice. Also his hair is another story. Each time he was on the screen, my mother (for some reason was watching it) went: “Oh, that dude’s got a blow dry.” I don’t know why he insisted on having half of his hair in front of his eye, but he was really successful in keeping it that way. Sometimes he puts it in a nice bun. If my spouse put his hair in anything resembling a bun, that would be cause for divorce but I don’t know how things work on that side of the world. After a while, I really started to think that it works for him.

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