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Slice of Yotsuba

One of my worst habits is that I order all this manga from the internet, I open their huge bulky packages when they arrive, I put them neatly in my big cupboard of manga, and then I don’t read them. You may ask yourself, “why do you buy manga if you don’t read it?” and the reason I don’t read them is this: because when I read them, it takes 15 minutes to finish it, and then I’m deprived of the pleasure of reading it. I am what Penelope Cruz would call in Vanilla Sky a “pleasure delayer”. It’s horrible. I mean, what if I finish until volume 5, and there are no more? Then what would I do??? What a nightmare! I can’t even bear thinking about it. One solution I have for this problem is that I reread the manga. I am not one to “study the drawings” over and over, so I am through each volume in roughly half an hour, so before I start the next volume a few weeks later (or if I’m lucky, months later), I reread the previous one first. Actually, I also do this because I read so much manga that I need a refresher course on the bloody characters. 

One manga I reread over and over and over and over is Yotsuba by Azuma Kiyohiko. I am not a big fan of slice of life manga. I mean, I think something interesting should happen to make the manga worth reading. But I love manga about little kids and stuff. Also there were these amazing reviews, and I was just getting started on manga, so I ordered this, and wow, that was so not a mistake. It is amazing.yotsuba

It is about this little 5-year-old girl called Yotsuba and her father who move into this neighborhood. They have neighbors, a family with three girls. And that’s about it. It’s all about little things that happen to them. The art is really simple, with no clutter whatsoever. It’s really relaxing. I read the first two volumes at least three times. It’s good that I didn’t rush through, since I heard ADV Manga dropped it after the 5th volume, but it’s picked up again by Yen Press again. Why would anyone drop Yotsuba? 

I read somewhere that Yotsuba was actually serialized in a man’s magazine first. It just shows how universally funny she is. The mangaka, also had another series called Azumanga Daioh, which I also own. I didn’t read a lot of it, because it is what you call a four panel manga or something, and frankly, it wasn’t that interesting to me. But Yotsuba is just someone you want with you always, and the best substitute is the manga. In fact, I couldn’t stop myself and picked up volume 3. I am so bad.

I am also presenting you a picture of my manga cupboard, though no one really reads this blog, I still wanted to post a picutre. You can also see Fred and Barney marzipans, (and also Dino, but dad ate its head) an authentic doll who’s carrying a baby, and two Starbucks Bearistas. There was a lot of other crap, but I cleaned them up the other day. I manga

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