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Parfait Tic

I just realized that I haven’t talked about manga for a while, so I decided to talk about the manga Parfait Tic! by Nanaji Nagamu. Actually, this manga hasn’t been licensed in English yet, so you are free to read it for free through scanlations. It’s been scanlated by various groups, and currently it’s being scanlated by perfect illusions.

parfait tic

So, this manga is a shoujo/romance/school life manga, and doesn’t have something that clearly defines it from others of its kind. Fuuko is a lively girl who likes playing with kids for some reason, and she meets the Shinpo cousins: Ichi and Daigo. They all go to the same school, so they grow closer. Though Daigo is a playboy: very lively, happy, popular kid, Ichi is just his opposite. He’s very smart, quiet, composed and cold. They are equally  handsome, and girls favor both. Of course, this means they actually have fan clubs, since we are talking about the parallel Japan manga world where girls have nothing better to do. Then we have all the shoujo cliches: main character beaten up because she’s too close to the cute guys, confessions, rejections, love triangles, older women, after-school part time jobs etc. We learn that Ichi is not actually a cold guy, but is actually in possession of a heart of gold (of course). Daigo is also pretty nice, and they both support Fuuko who can be over-emotional sometimes. Not that she’s a bad person, but her heart, predictably, goes between the cousins a couple of times. Which, I guess, is normal for a girl her age.  

The art is quite normal, though some of it is quite cute. You may be wondering where the title comes from, but that is an absolute mystery. But you know Japanese mangas sometimes have food for titles, and that’s supposed to make them cute. If it was me, I’d definitely name it something unoriginal like “Triangle”. So I guess “Parfait Tic” is not that bad a choice.



The manga is really, really long, and it’s complete at 22 volumes in japan. So far, the scanlations have progressed to the 17th volume, and I’m crossing my fingers for it not to be licensed before I finish it, because I so don’t want to buy it. So far I read 13, and something interesting happens all the time (not interesting-interesting, just shoujo-interesting). I looked ahead to further volumes when I was at the beginning, to see if the art has changed, and it seems like it got better, though when I’m reading in order, I can’t really see it that much. But generally you can say that the art has gotten more modern.

You should give it a try if you are looking for a relaxed shoujo manga, and cliches won’t bother you. Also watch out for Ichi’s sister, she’s such a cutie. I love it when mangakas draw kids:)


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