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The Cheesy RomCom

You know what I’m talking about. It’s the typical Hollywood romantic comedy, the so-called chick flick. There’s the usual woman, unlucky in love, the usual man, charming in his own right, the obvious pairing, the flickers, the chase. They are usually very, very predictable, rarely are quality tearjerkers. gives them 6-7 the most. Nobody admits to liking them. You never buy their dvds, but somehow end up with them, through discount bins or other means. It’s your typical Hollywood movie.

Not that I’m into darker horror flicks, but when a romcom goes too Hollywood, even I am repelled. Though I have nothing against Hollywood, I think they do their job really, really well. But that doesn’t mean I’ll enjoy Maid in Manhattan. Even I have standards. There are a couple of cheesy romcoms I like though. And here I present you three of my favorites. I can promise you I won’t go predictable with Julia Roberts flicks like Pretty Woman.

wedding dateFirst, the one I watched yesterday, and which inspired me to write this: The Wedding Date. Of course, predictably enough, a very popular theme: weddings. In this part of the world, we like weddings. We think they are fun to plan, and they are fun to go to. You see lots of people, and possible future matches. You dance, you drink, you have fun. However, in Hollywood, that’s not the case. It’s a reason to get depressed, because you’re not the one getting married. There are too many movies about this, about every aspect of it, and this is one of them. Kat (Debra Messing) is a lady in her late 20s, and is good at her job in NYC (where else), and her sister is getting married in London. Her ex is the best man, so she doesn’t want to go there alone. So she rents Nick (Dermot Mulroney), who is an escort, for 6000 dolars and they go to London together. Nick is so, so charming that in a snap of his fingers, everyone adores him. Heck, even I adore him. He’s really, really good looking and totally charming. The movie lacks substance and stuff, but there’s a charming scene when Kat’s father quotes Nick from his anonymous interview from a magazine: “Every woman has the exact love life she wants” or something. The gist of it is that Kat is miserable because it’s her fault for still sticking to the memory of her ex. Also Nick has some other good quotes going, like “I’d rather fight with you than make love to anyone else”. I still think it’s kind of, well, disgusting to make love with a hooker (yes, he does that too, it’s in his job description), but if he was as cute as Dermot Mulroney, I’d maybe give him a chance.

prince and meThe next flick is The Prince and Me. This consists of younger people, college students, and has something a good romantic comedy doesn’t always have enough of: royalty. Yum. So, Paige (Julia Stiles, of course) is a successful college student, who aspires to be a doctor. Eddie (Luke Mably) is the bored prince of Denmark. Since he’s very bored, he decides to go to USA for college and there he meets Paige. First they hate each other, since Eddie is hiding his real identity and the story continues in its general predictable direction. It’s the dream of every girl to marry a  prince, at least someone that handsome. At least it’s mine. It has some good points, though I don’t really like Paige’s character or most of her decisions. It’s still a good watch, and remember that the Danish Crown Prince Frederik married an Australian marketing consultant he met during the Sydney Olympics. A total commoner. How romantic. And he’s not bad on the eyes either.

just like heavenLast of the movies we’ll be discussing today is Just Like Heaven. This movie has a more supernatural flavor, ghosts. Not ghosts actually, but a lady in a coma that appears in spirit. Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) is a workaholic doctor who doesn’t have time for men. She always leaves it to the future, but then she has an accident and she’s put in a coma. Her family rents the room to David (Mark Ruffalo), whose wife died a while ago and he’s in constant depression ever since. He sits on the couch and drinks beer all day, until he meets Elizabeth’s ghost. He’s the only one who can see her, so he decides to help her. And this is the plot of this enchanting movie, which is the one I like most of these three. It’s so cute, and even though there isn’t anything to learn or to understand, it’s still charming. And so is Mark Ruffalo.

None of these movies are a Gone with the Wind or Lord of the Rings, but they can still spice up a boring hour or two. That’s good enough for me.

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