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My Favorite Complex

Today I did something I’ve been denying myself for a while. I read Lovely Complex Volume 10. I’ve been saving it for a rainy day, but I couldn’t help myself. 

It was months back, and I was always looking through Amazon’s recommendations to find something to order and read. Lovely Complex by Nakahara Aya kept popping up, but I ignored it because the plot looked so stupid: a tall girl and a short boy. I mean, it sounds so dull. But after a while I decided to give it a go. It was one of my better purchases.lovely complex

Risa Koizumi is the tallest girl in her class. Atsushi Otani is the shortest boy in his class. Thanks to their homeroom teacher, they are known as a comedy duo who keep fighting and bickering each other nonstop. However, they are both very nice people and actually find that they like each other, as friends. They have the same taste in lots of stuff and keep talking in sync. After a while, though, Koizumi finds that her feelings towards Otani, who she affectionately calls “shrimp”, are deeper than friendship…Lovely Complex

The plot is too shojo. Almost cheesy. But their bickering is so funny, you get addicted after a while. The characters are so real and so well portrayed that after a while you think that you are their friend. It’s just impossible not to love Koizumi and Otani, together and apart. The speed the events progress through is also good. What I mean is that they don’t start dating at the second volume and break up the next. It’s just too delicious a story, even though it’s not too full of clever plot twists, it’s still worth a read. I always laugh out loud while reading it, and keep rereading the previous volumes. It’s such a jewel.Lovely Complex Movie

Of course, being a good manga means there will be a good anime afterwards. Though I’m not that into anime myself, the anime of Lovely Complex, at least as much as I watched it, is pretty good. There’s even a movie of it, and though it’s not exactly same as the manga, it’s still pretty much the same thing. I didn’t exactly love it, but it’s still pretty funny. Of course, none of them measure up to the manga. 

When I found out that it finishes at volume 17, I almost cried. But all good things must end. And good it is.

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