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Lady the Poodle

As you know, I almost never write something personal. But that’s mainly because there’s nothing too fun to write about. Except for now. A few weeks ago, someone new joined our household. She’s furrier than the other members, and she smells a lot more, but she’s a lot cuter than all. She’s a toy poodle, and her name is Lady. I know it’s very original, but my father insisted on naming him something other than a real person name. She really likes people, especially feet, since that’s the only thing she can reach. She especially prefers men. When she wants to be petted, she’ll lie on her back. She also has a dress and a tutu which I bought from Harrods, and they cost a small fortune, but she hates them. But we force her to wear them because she looks adorable when she does. We had to remove all our carpeting and we have to air the house ten times a day, and she sometimes cries in the middle of the night, but still, she’s so damn cute.lady

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