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Shuffled Affection

Since I am a semi-otaku, it’s only natural that I also watch Asian dramas. I watch all kinds, J-dramas, K-dramas, C-dramas, and even TW-dramas. I download without prejudice and neatly burn them into nice little dvds and title them with care. Then I abandon them. Because I can barely watch dramas in Turkey, since my attention spam is just too short. I can only watch for 20 to 40 minutes, like American sit-com stuff. However, I recently watched this J-drama called Love Shuffle. I downloaded the episodes as they came out, and watched them all excited.

The drama starts with four strangers getting stuck in an elevator in one of those big residences in the center of Tokyo. They are actually neighbors. Three are men, a shrink, a photographer and a salaryman. And the lady is a translator. They talk about their lives, and it soon becomes clear that the main character is the salaryman who just got dumped by his girlfriend, who happens to be his boss. 

Love Shuffle

The next day the shrink comes up with this idea: each should bring a guy/girl, and they should shuffle girlfriends/boyfriends each week, until they are satisfied. Of course, since this is a drama with no morals, they agree, though the salaryman dude is actually reluctant. But his ex-fiancee thinks they should do it. 

It is actually quite funny, in a quirky Japanese way. The salaryman guy is called Tamaki Hiroshi, who is really a laugh. His character develops quite nicely until the end, so do the others. It is not a “oh-my-god-i-can’t-believe-it” ending, but it’s not THAT predictable. It’s quite well shot, and there are some serious issues, like suicide, marriage, politics etc. The real weak link, in my humble opinion, is DAIGO, who I think is some famous singer, who can’t really act, but his character is just adorable.

Once you get used to the pronunciation of “love” as “lobu”, I’m sure you’ll love it also:)

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