Dystopian Matching

Apparently, it’s a dystopian world. Everywhere I look, there’s a young adult book that goes on in another world, a dystopian future. I don’t know how long this this has been going on, since I’ve jumped off the young adult fiction wagon with the release of the last Gossip Girl and Princess Diaries books. I haven’t even finished those series yet, even though I have all the books. I saved them, because I loved them so much, but now I’m 26, and it’s kind of late. As I type this, I realize that this is kind of sad, but oh well.

However, no one is too good to read the Hunger Games, so after I read that and enjoyed it, I decided to give Matched by Ally Condie a try. This is the first book of the Matched series. This book is followed by Crossed and Reached (to be released in November).

The idea behind it seemed interesting: that you are matched to the person your genes goes along the best with, and you can only marry him and have kids. The Society, which rule the country through the Officials, decides this match, along with where you work. The Society has destroyed all the cultural heritage, including books, paintings, songs etc. They only kept a 100 paintings and a 100 songs. You cannot create anything either: there’s no writing, no painting, no singing. The saddest of all: there’s no shopping. This just breaks my heart.

Cassia is an ordinary girl in this society, and she’s really happy on her Matching Banquet, which is the day that she’s going to be matched with her match. However, there’s a glitch and when she’s looking at the info chip of her match, another face pops up. This creates a love triangle, and believe me, it’s not simpler when it’s in another world. The beginning drags on quite a bit, while the author tries to paint this world in front of our eyes. There’s nothing ultra romantic about it, she gets closer to both the guys and it’s kind of boring. I almost gave up on it, but then the story picked up after she actually fell in love and really started to question the Society. Another problem for me was that the main male character, at the beginning, was really random. However, he began to pick up after a while.The ending really left me intrigued, so I had to pick up the sequel. Cassia suddenly turned into this other person, who’s brave and romantic. It’s kind of cute.

I give this book 3 stars, because the beginning seriously gets boring. Also because it’s incomparable to the Hunger Games. Although I don’t want to compare too much, since I haven’t read the whole thing in either series. I also strongly believe the Divergent series must be better as well.

You should go check out the website. It includes the funniest trailer.

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