Great Trip with The Tourist

I just realized that I haven’t written in months. It’s mainly because I’ve been preoccupied with, well, life, starting school again (my masters) and deciding to get married etc. I haven’t been reading manga much, nor many books, but I still can read, and I’ve seen my share of movies. That’s one thing about dating- you see every single movie. So I decided I should just get back in the game and write about them as time goes on. So as you can understand from my very generic post title, today’s post will be about…

The Tourist

I finished watching this movie and said to myself: “This is what I love about Hollywood.” But then I read somewhere that this is actually a remake; and a remake of a French movie at that.. Anyway, I’m sure this is much better than the original. Hollywood has that effect. You take two famous actors, toss them in a movie, and voila, great one. I know some people don’t agree. Most people find them, well, bad. Here is a mini list of movies with two famous actors:

–  Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts: The Mexican. Mediocre? Maybe. Did I like it? Loved it.

– Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock: The Lake House. Not the best movie in the world, but I still found it watchable. Others didn’t.

– Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in in Knight and Day. Plot? Scarce. Made you think? Almost never. Did I like it? Hell yeah.

Of course this list is one for famous actors who formed couples, not like Ocean’s Eleven or Tropic Thunder where you toss the lot of them in a pot and make them jump and run with clever conversation (though I love them as well). These are more like the cast director thought that if both are famous, the end result will be hot. And though most people don’t think so, it usually is. But this one, The Tourist, is even better than most. Much better.

I don’t know if I should even talk about the plot. You probably read it everywhere. Johnny Depp plays Frenk Tupelo, an American tourist. He’s a math teacher, and he’s going to Venice to mend his broken heart. Angelina Jolie plays Elise Ward, a mysterious British woman. She under surveillance and Paul Bettany plays the inspector who’s obsessed with finding Alexander, her lover who stole millions of pounds from a gangster and disappeared. She gets on a train in Paris on Alexander’s instructions, and meets Johnny Depp there and engages him in some fascinating conversation to make the police think that it’s actually Alexander. They go to Venice and the rest is set there, with nice chase scenes on the canals. There’s also one scene where Johnny Depp runs away from the Russian mob in his pajamas, and he jumps from these rooftops and it’s really good. I’ve been looking to buy these pajamas, but so far, no luck.

After you get over the fact that Angelina Jolie has gotten old (but she did snag Brad Pitt first, so the joke’s on us), she looks pretty amazing in some evening attire. The plot thickens as the story goes on, with witty side characters who also have their own agendas. When I say the plot thickens, I don’t mean it’s really deep like The Inception or anything (was The Inception deep? Hmm.) but it’s still good. Nice, clean fun that doesn’t make you feel guilty for liking it. Because some movies have that effect, like the previously mentioned Knight and Day. You can walk out of this movie and say you like it, and no one will say “You’re a loser because you like Hollywood movies with overpaid handsome actors,” because this one is actually good.

In a nutshell, go see it. Go see it for one of these reasons:

– If you don’t agree with my thesis that famous people make a movie good, go watch this to test your own theory.

– Go watch Angelina Jolie, if that’s your cup of tea.

– Or watch Johnny Depp, which is rarely a mistake.

– See magnificent shots of Venice.

– Fantastic clothes and jewels. Yum.

– Go see if it’s better than the original. I know there are some French movie buffs out there.

Rating: 9/10 – Go see to restore your belief in Hollywood.


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