From the Land of Beautiful People

I decided to use this holy medium (the blog) for another service as well: introduce hot men. The thing is, the West, actually, the part of the West that isn’t obsessed with Asia, is prejudiced about Asian people. They just can’t believe that they can be hot or sexy. So, me, as a fan of all things Asian, decided to help change that view by showing some people.

Today, we’ll have three Korean actors.

1) Biyum.

Bi, aka Rain, was born in 1982. He’s an R&B singer/actor/dancer/model. He starred as the famous Lee Young Jae in the wildy popular k-drama, Full House, based on the manhwa of the same name. I watched it, and will review it later. Other than that, he starred in a bunch of others, including A Love to Kill and Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School. (they are both on my to-watch list) He has a bunch of albums, and won a bunch of awards. Go here for the DramaWiki page.

2) Kim Sung Soo

yummmThis guy also started in Full House, as, what else, Lee Young Jae’s rival in love, Yoo Min Hyuk. Whereas Bi gets some getting used to, Kim Sung Soo is incredibly handsome from the very start. He was born in 1973. He also starred in a bunch of dramas, but I didn’t hear of any of them (which means they are not that popular). This is his DramaWiki page.

3) Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo is my new favorite, since I’m watching The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince, his latest drama, though by latest, I mean 2007. His character, Choi Han Kyul, is the main character in that drama. Like Bi, he gets some getting used to, but now, I think he’s just adorable. He was born in 1979, and as of 2008, he’s doing his military service until the end of this year. The mandatory military service lasts 20 months. He’s doing a radio show at the same time. That must be some military. Click for his DramaWiki profile.

yummm (Excuse me for the pic, it’s the only one that I could find where he looks sexy instead of cute. Which is what we’re going for)


This is it for Korea’s hot men. I’ll introduce some more as soon as I find them.

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