Cut Boys

Yesterday, my order from Amazon arrived.  I was so happy since it included the second season part 1 one Gossip Girl. Another arrival was Cut by Toko Kawai, which is one of my favorite manga. I had downloaded and read it before it was lisenced, and though I don’t do it often, I bought it in book format also, because it’s very good. cut

It’s yaoi, which is not everyone’s favorite genre, though it is one of mine. It’s about two problematic boys. One of them cuts himself and is masochistic, and does something very perverted with his stepdad. The other one, who lives with his uncle and his wife, is loved, but doesn’t want to burden them. He also features cuts on his arms, but for anoth

er reason entirely. They go to the same school (of course) and meet by chance. The characters develop quite nicely, which is a nice change form your usual yaoi. The sex is not explicit, and the characters are quite beautiful. I think it’s quite a nice introduction to the genre, since I believe it’s one of the best in the genre. I like the mangaka, Toko Kawai, and she has other lisenced stuff, like Bondz and Loveholic, but they are not as good. I wish she drew more.

Also, a good fujoshi blogger reviewed this manga here. Check it out if you want a more in-depth review.

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